Explore Your Passion for Hair with a Rewarding Career 

Style Your Future: Transforming Your Love for Hair into your dream job

Our course will cover the basic introduction to hair textures, hair densities, and choosing the right tools to cut or style your clients hair.  You will gain an understanding that every client is unique, and how to tailor each cut to complement their facial shape. Your creations will not just be haircuts or hairstyles; they will be your personalized expression of art and exude confidence.

We will comprehensively cover the "Tools of the Trade" to equip you with a thorough understanding of the essential instruments used in hair.  This segment is imperative as it lays the foundation for mastering various styling techniques needed to bring your clients desired look all come together.  We will discuss the intricacies of each tool, from different types of sheers, to specialized combs and brushes.   Understanding the purpose and proper usage of these tools is pivotal in executing precise and tailored hair cuts and hairstyles.

Once you have assessed your client's hair and you understand the desired cut they are wanting,  we are ready to start.  We will guide you through a variety of hair cutting techniques tailored for both men and women, incorporating layers,  bangs and trims to achieve the style your client has requested.  You will learn techniques such as messaging the head during shampooing and applying conditioner, to ensure they have experienced a holistic and relaxing service.

Now, let's chat about color.  We will dive into the color wheel, familiarizing yourself with undertones, and grasp essential concepts that will enhance your understanding of the dynamic interplay among different shades and hues. Our exploration will include the scientific foundations of hair pigmentation, enabling you to assess your clients' hair conditions and prescribe accurate solutions to attain their desired colors. This course will present opportunities for you to learn techniques for root touch-ups, seamless transitions, and the maintenance of vibrant color results.

By the end of this course you will be well-versed in providing hair consultation, tailored hair cuts and color services that prioritize both the desired aesthetic outcome and the long-term health of your clients' hair.

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