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Kudos! You're taking the initial strides toward a new career, and your commitment makes us exceptionally proud!!

Join us as we introduce you to Evolve Institute, sharing the foundational principles, details about our facility, and the genuine passion steering our commitment.

Our dedication to providing a comprehensive learning experience goes beyond traditional instruction.

Our school is located in Palm Coast Florida near the beautiful Hammock.  You will find our inviting classrooms spacious, with a pristine environment fully stocked with the latest beauty products that we are eager to introduce you to. While our courses cover a wealth of information, they are far from ordinary – we infuse every session with encouragement and a sense of joy, creating a close-knit family atmosphere. To ensure personalized attention, our intentionally smaller class sizes (1:6 ratio) foster a supportive learning environment. With our instructors boasting a cumulative 30 years of expertise in the dynamic beauty industry, you're in capable hands throughout your journey.

We take great pride in our active involvement within the local community, fostering connections and contributing to the vibrant beauty industry in our area. Witnessing several of our graduates not only excel but also secure their dream jobs locally fills us with immense joy and pride.  Did we mention that we have a perfect graduate success rate?  Yes, that is correct, everyone of our students graduated. 100% of them!  You will be the next one!!!

At Evolve Beauty Institute, our hands-on training sets the stage for practical skill development, ensuring that our students not only grasp theoretical knowledge but also acquire the proficiency required in the beauty industry. Recognizing the diverse needs of our students, we offer flexible scheduling with both day and night classes. This flexibility allows individuals to pursue their passion for cosmetology without compromising on their existing commitments.

Understanding that financial considerations can be a significant factor in pursuing education, we have designed various payment plans to ease the financial burden. Additionally, our commitment to supporting aspiring cosmetologists extends to offering scholarships for those who demonstrate exceptional dedication and talent. Our goal is to eliminate barriers and make cosmetology education accessible to all passionate individuals.

We firmly believe that every aspiring cosmetologist deserves the opportunity to shine, and we make it easy for you to take this transformative journey. No excuses – with hands-on training, flexible scheduling, payment plans, and scholarships, we have created an environment where your dreams can thrive.

Let us walk together in your journey.  We will guide you toward a future of success and fulfillment in the dynamic world of cosmetology.

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